Kaori Kishitani


Birthday: February 17th 1967
Place of Birth: Tokyo
Blood type: O
Kaori Kishitani was born on February 17th. She is a former vocalist of Princes Princes.
She made her debut with an EP titled “Kiss de Crime) in 1986.
In 1988, their third single “MYWILL” was picked for Victoria’s commercial, followed by other TV, commercial appearance leading them to their first concert at Nippon Budokan, the first achievement as a all-female band. “Diamonds” and “Lovers” along as other singles and albums became million sellers. Raking No.1 on several charts.
In 1996 May 31st, the band broke up after the final concert ad Nippon Budokan.
In 1996, Kishitani got married.
In 1997, she released a single titled “Happy Man” , launching her solo career.
In2001, she changed her artist name to Kaori Kishitani, spending the following 13 years taking care of her child, except for the annual “preparation concert” to prep for the day when she comes back on the stage for 6 years.
In 2012, the band reunited to support victims of the earthquake, performing 2days at Sendai Sun Plaza Hall, 4 days at Nippon Budokan and Tokyo Dome for 2 days.
In 2014, she started her solo career actively.
On May 21st, she released solo best album including 4 new songs “The Best and More”, and on June 25th she released her first single after the comeback “Romantic Warriors”. The seven-city tour “47th SHOUT Ikuwayo!” held I June was a big success.
On June 24th 2015 she released her 8th single “DREAM”, and in August she did “Hitori Bocchi Live” at Amami Park in Amami Oshima Island, followed by ““KAORI KISHITANI 2015 LIVE TOUR48thSHOUT!- Let’s Go Toshi Onna” starting on September 18th going to eight cities.
In 2016, she performed on the opening night at Sendai PIT as Princess Princess on 11th, 12th and 13th , ending the activity as Princess Princess at the after party at Toyosu PIT on 25th and 26th at Toyosu PIT. In June, she is on a solo tour and in fall she is planning to tour with a band.
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