Special concert live broadcast amazarashi Premium LIVE VIEWING 「世界分歧二〇一六(sekai-bunki 2016)」 Confirmed!




It is now confirmed that the premium event to celebrate the release on June 22nd of the LIVE DVD&BD amazarashi Live Tour 2016 「世界分歧二〇一六 (sekai-bunki 2016)」, which will be held on June 21st (TUE), a night before the release day, will be live broadcasted to 20 movie theaters in Japan as well as to movie theaters in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

On the event day, not only the DVD of the 「世界分歧二〇一六 (sekai-bunki 2016)」tour final concert at Nakano Sunplaza will be screened, but also amazarashi’s secret live from Tokyo will be exclusively live broadcasted to the movie theaters.

amazarashi captivated their full-house fans during their latest live tour 「世界分歧二〇一六(sekai-bunki 2016)」 which was held from January to March 2016 at 8 venues including 5 Zepp live houses.

The LIVE DVD&BD amazarashi Live Tour 2016「世界分歧二〇一六 (sekai-bunki 2016)」containing the special footage of their tour final at Nakano Sunplaza which was led with inedited story-poem specially produced by Hiromu Akita, will be released on June 22nd.

Ticket Information
Title: amazarashi Live Tour 2016「世界分歧二〇一六 (sekai-bunki 2016)」

Date: June 21, 2016 (TUE) 18:30 Start (Hong Kong and Taiwan Time)

Venue: Hong Kong: MCL Telford
Taipei: Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Hsin Yi

Ticket Sales
Hong Kong: May 24, 2016 12:00~ (Current Time) on movie theaters home page and ticket window
Taipei: June 3, 2016 12:00~ (Current Time) at FamiPort
June 4, 2016 12:00~ (Current Time) at FamiTicket(

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