Moon Stream


Moon Stream, the new musical unit of Satsuki (ex RENTRER EN SOI) and Tomo Asaha (echostream)!
As ex-vocalist of popular visual kei rock band RENTRER EN SOI, Satsuki launched his solo career on Feb 14, 2009 in order to pierce his own musical aesthetics.
Satsuki expresses the melodies that flow through his body and emotions through song.
His 3-part release entitled Story embodies visions that surpass sound, like films connected by the world of poetry.
Satsuki has performed in America for piano concerts and anime conventions such as Oni-Con 2009. In addition to regularly headlining visual kei concert events in Japan, Satsuki has also performed in theater and is steadily expanding his range of activities.
Since Sep. 1, Satsuki’s musical themes have encompassed a fantastic world of white, an angelic clarity, and an ethereal feeling, as can be heard on his first mini-album release UPPER REGION.
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