THE BAWDIES, Taiwan tour, add-on shows



THE BAWDIES’ add-on dates have been confirmed.

THE BAWDIES rleasd their fifth majar album, “Boys!”, on December 3 or last year. They started their “one-man” 2104-2015 promotional tour on December 15. They played all over Japan and even performed songs for the first time. Add-on dates for the tour have just been announced.

The add-on show will be on April 25 in Taiwan! It will be THE BAWDIES’s first show in Taiwan since October 2013. The last show was a great success, regarless of the fact it was their first show in Taiwan. They were able to deliver their own rock and roll to a foreign country. There is much to look forward to at this seond Twaiwan show.

THE BAWDIES “Boys!” TOUR in Taiwan
April 25 (Saturday) THE WALL, Taiwan

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