Music video for “Tomorrow” released. Flower Reina Washio sings with singers from all over the world



Flower sings the theme song to the Japanese dubbed version of the movie “Annie”. A music video with her singing “Tomorrow” along with singers from all over the world (Belgium / Germany / Spain / France / Netherlands / Japan) was just released. In the music video, singers and voice actors from around the world are edited together in alternate verses.

The following are the singers for “Tomorrow” Around The World in order of appearance.

Belgium: LANI LAUWERS (actress / singer)
Germany: CHELSEA FONTENEL (child actor / voice actor)
Spain: MARIA PARRADO (child actor / voice actor)
France: MINA DELLA VALLE (singer)
Netherlands: ALIYAH KOLF (talent / singer)
Japan: Reina Washio [Flower / E-girls] (vocalist / performer)

Flower Reina Washio has the anchor position and sings the last part in the vocal relay. Her relaxed vocal is very memorable to the song. “Annie” and “Tomorrow are very popular in Japan and around the world, and this video certainly shows that.

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