Media Reminder: Morning Musume。’14 USA Comment Video + New York Concert this Sunday, Oct. 5


Morning Musume

Morning Musume。’14 USA comment video features member Sakura Oda speaking in English to USA fans, giving details on special NYC goods, including a commemorative CD and handshake event.

Best Buy Theater
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
Ages: 16 & Over
Doors Open: 3:00PM

Morning Musume ’14, also known as Momusu, are one of the most successful Japanese all-girl idol groups, produced by the famous rock singer-writer Tsunku. They are the lead group of the Hello! Project, which includes other all-girl groups. Their music style is a mix of pop and upbeat coupled with dance performance. The name “Morning Musume” comes from various notions such as abundance, multitude, like the breakfast set you can receive with many elements on it. Their story began in 1997 after a TV audition and they made their major debut in 1998. On September 1999, their 7th single “LOVE Machine” has been sold over a million for their first time. After that, the all-girl Japanese group has created new records all the time. Morning Musume。’14 have already performed in China, Taiwan, South Korea, France and in the USA (Los Angeles) in front of several thousand people every time. Since January 1st 2014, Morning Musume。 became officially Morning Musume。’14 (One-Four).

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