Ichiro Yamada from Sakanaction Will Represent Japanese Music Scene at RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY TOKYO 2014.



Ichiro Yamaguchi from Sakanaction will be on promotional campaign for RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY TOKYO 2014.

“RED BULL Music Academy (RBMA) is a music academy that educates and supports the talents of new generation for a month from October 12th 2014 in Tokyo. Prior to the academy, There will be a promotional campaign of RBMA to let the philosophy of RBMA know throughout Tokyo(Shibuya Omotesando and Roppongi) from October 1st. Also, there will be a web campaign, too.

The participating artists are Yoshihide Otomo, Isao Tomita, Miku Hatsune, Ichiro Yamaguchi (sakanaction), Yoshi Horikawa and Ryoji Ikeda and a special visual art is made for each artist. The theme is “What lies at the root of you creation”, and there will be interviews for each artist to discover their own quotes and the artwork will be drawn by Japanese prominent visual artists. Those artworks will be used for the promotional campaign.

The artworks will appear not only on existing advertisement platform but also on unique election boards throughout Tokyo with those arts.

Also promotional movies will be made inspired by each artist’s interview, which also will be for street advertisement and web advertisement.

Sakanaction is going to release a new single “Sayonara ha Emotion/Hasu no Hana”. They will guest-star at Fatboy Slim’s Japan Concert at Makuhari Messe in Chiba on October 19th and perform at “JAPAN NIGHT in TIMM” at ZEPP DiverCity TOKYO on October 23rd.

Participating Artist:Ichiro Yamaguchi (Sakanaction)

In 2007, Ichiro made his debut as the vocalist of Sacanaction. He has been highly acclaimed for his flexibility in stage performance and musicality, melody sense, and literary lyrics inspired by Japanese literature over diverse music from rock to club sound. He also challenges himself as an innovative musician of new generation, winning more popularity from the public.

Artwork:Katsuya Terada
Movie:Kenichiro Mizuno