MowMowLuLuGyaban is a very creative, progressive, and unique Japanese rock band, both musically and visually. The band creates and delivers music with a soul. They challenge their selves to push musically go forward.
The band members are Gary (drums & vocal), T-Margherita (bass), and Yuko=Kati (keyboard and vocal).
Once you hear their music, the melodies will be stuck in your head and never leave. They’re funky, and punk-ish. Yet, their music and melodies consist melancholic and romantic elements, which grabs fans attention and never let them go.
MowMowLuLuGyaban will be releasing “Pirates of Dr. Panty” on June 22nd. Animator “Sushio” got on board as a visual director. The visual effects and appearances have got madder as he joins. Watch out!! They are ready to expand and spread the world of the MowMowLuLuGyaban’s stylish, groovy, funky, and punk-ish madness to the universe!!
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