Kimyo Reitaro Travel Swing Orchestra Announced a Solo Show at Shibuya Public Hall This Fall!!



Kimyo Reitaro Travel Swing Orchestra, led by Kimyo Reitaro from Tensai Band, which is on a tour right now, announced a solo show at Shibuya Public Hall on October 16th (Thurs) this fall.

The caption “Rolling Thunder Revue” is from the event title held at Umeda Shanfri-La every two months, and the orchestra will share the stage with Scha Dara Parr in July.

The pre-sale ticket will be available on Kimyo Reitaro Travel Swing Orchestra’s official website from next week.

June 20th (Fri) 10AM – June 26th (Thurs) 11:59PM

Kimyo Reitaro Travel Swing Orchestra Solo Show
Dobaba Dokan -Rolling Thunder Revue Special Ver at Shibuya Public Hall.
October 16th (Thurs) 2014 Shibuya Public Hall
Open 6PM Start 6:30PM
Adv 4500 yen (tax in)
General Tickets will be available on July 19th