[Live report] Perfume: Chocolate Disco to 60,000 people at the last Kokuritsu concert, “JAPAN NIGHT” DAY 2



Kokuritsu Kyogijo (Japan’s National Stadium) welcomed in the sunset. The giant screen instructed fans to turn on their LED stick lights that were handed out when they entered the venue. The crowd waited in excitement and anticipation for the next artist. The background music that played during the set change became drowned out with applause. Perfume were the next artists to take the stage.

The giant screen displayed the silhouettes of the three members of Perfume as the stick lights started to pulsate in sync. The words “Welcome to Perfume World” got the crowd in a frenzy as they started their set.

The rock band atmosphere instantly changed to a techno-pop atmosphere, and Kokuritsu Kyogijo went crazy. The crowd got into the rhythm of the first song, “Edge”, as they stayed fixated on the LED boxes that appeared on stage. Perfume’s performance was perfectly synchronized with the three giant screens on stage. It was as if the whole stadium became Perfume’s stage set.

“Spring of Life” turned the stadium into a giant nightclub full of 60,000 people. The group’s dance performance synced perfectly with the CG, and the audience’s energy went up even more. Aachan then addressed the crowd by saying, “Good evening everybody, we are Perfume. Let’s make this something wonderful to remember!” They then went into “Magic of Love”. The individual stick lights filled in all of the darkness of the venue.

“Good evening everybody. We want to introduce ourselves again. I’m Kashi Yuka. I’m Aachan, I’m Nocchi. The three of us make Perfume!”

They made their famous Perfume introduction. In unison, they said “We’re happy~!” when describing their feelings about being chosen to represent Japan at this event. Aachan added, “We have 30 minutes, and our first song was seven minutes long! Thank you!” The audience laughed and cheered.

They did a call-and-response act called “P.T.A.” and warmed up the crowd. The three group members then asked the crowd, “Will you get pumped up for our songs?”, then went into “Chocolate Disco”. The fans danced along with Perfume as far as the eye could see. 60,000 people singing “Chocolate Disco” was the highlight of the set.

“This is our last song. We believe you’ll think a lot of different thoughts”

Perfume then played “Polyrhythm” for their last song at Kokuritsu Kyogijo. The overseas media were fixated on the groups cute yet edgy performance as they welcomed the headlining act, L’Arc~en~Ciel.

“Thank you very much. This was our first and last performance at Kokuritsu Kyogijo. We will work our hardest to be invited back seven years later to represent Japan when the renovation is complete!

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