[Live Report] SEKAI NO OWARI and a Chorus of Voices from Everyone at the National Stadium — “JAPAN NIGHT” DAY2



Following MAN WITH A MSSION’s loud and overwhelming performance that dazzled the crowd, SEKAI NO OWARI took the stage.

While the stage was being converted, people wearing strange bunny masks reminiscent of residents of Wonderland lined the stage and runway. The audience wondered what large spectacle of a show could follow this beginning, and the venue became noisy with people’s voices.

While the afternoon had been hot and humid, the four members of SEKAI NO OWARI took the stage as the temperature dropped unbelievably and the air felt nothing but chilly. The crowd stood all at once, shaking the National Olympic Stadium.

“It is a great honor to be able to carve our names into this ‘final’ day at the National Stadium,” commented Saori, talking about her feelings toward “JAPAN NIGHT.” They began their totally focused performance with “Honoo to Mori no Carnival.”

All at once, the atmosphere of the stadium changed. With just the intro, the enormous venue changed into the sort of atmosphere that only SEKAI NO OWARI can create.

The members’ facial expressions were totally relaxed. Along with the audience clapping to the beat, they performed the song with such a sense of scale that it seemed to reach the sky that was filled with the light of the setting sun.

“We only have a short amount of time today, but please have fun.” (Nakajin)

Next, SEKAI NO OWARI performed “Starlight Parade.” Fukase’s clear voice was pleasant to listen to, and the song has magnificent orchestration and a melody that is pleasant to the ear. The members of the audience each swayed their bodies, yielding themselves to the music. Walking the runway from one end to the other, Fukase sang as though telling a story to the audience. Nakajin also came to the end of the runway and played guitar. Saori’s clear piano resounded through the venue and DJ LOVE riled up the crowd. It was a world that only SEKAI NO OWARI can create. The audience seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

“Gingagai no Akumu” began next, along with an animation. Fukase sang backed by a guitar arpeggio. At first, the lyrics seemed hopeless. Then, along with the sound of a siren, the rest of the instruments joined all at once and the song gradually got a hopeful and optimistic feeling. It is a message about living for tomorrow. There were even members of the audience who were moved to tears by the lyrics that seemed to touch the deepest parts of their souls.

SEKAI NO OWARI continued with “Love the war.” In a complete change, fire lit up the stage and brought about a dark atmosphere. The sincere lyrics were about peace, hope, and living.

“Thank you for coming today. I’m proud to stand before such a large group of people when four years ago, we only had about ten fans,” said Saori before they performed “RPG.”

The penlights held by the audience shined all at once. During the chorus, the audience inside the National Stadium began to sing along, everyone singing in loud voices about how we are not alone. The chorus of voices certainly reached outside the stadium and all the way to the outer gardens of Meiji Shrine.

The penlights flashed blue, purple, and pink. The members also seemed to be enjoying themselves.

“Thank you. This was SEKAI NO OWARI!”

After SEKAI NO OWARI created a sense of tension in the filled-to-capacity stadium, the four members left the stage.

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