[Live report] The future entrusted to “Yell for Japan” headliner, IKIMONOGAKARI. “JAPAN NIGHT” DAY 1



Day one of “SAYONARA Kokuritsu Kyogijo FINAL WEEK JAPAN NIGHT”, titled “Yell for Japan”, was held on May 28. This is the live report for IKIMONOGAKARI.

Seiji Kameda introduced all the members of the Yell for Japan special band, and it was finally time for the headlining act. Kameda said, “I want to entrust the future to these guys”, as the band walked on stage.

“Good evening everybody. We’re IKIMONOGAKARI. Let’s have a good time together.”

They opened up with their big hit, “ARIGATO”, as if to give thanks to Kokuritsu for giving us so many spectacular memories. Kiyoe Yoshioka’s vocals filled the night sky, Hotaka Yamashita’s acoustic lightly strummed the rhythm, and Yoshiki Mizuno’s electric guitar filled out the band sound. The 18 members of the Yell for Japan band added strings and horns to make the songs even more dramatic.

“It’s so grand and it feels good. I hope there will be more memorable dreams made here. Let us do what more song.”

Yoshioka then went into a vocal solo of “KAZE GA FUITEIRU”, which was the theme song for “NHK London Olympic, Paralympics Broadcast” The songs lyrics, “Times are changing, and we have a wish” rang out as if to symbolize the rebuilding of Kokuritsu Kyogijo. Cannons were shot off during the chorus as if to celebrate the venue’s rebirth.

In the end, all of the performers from DAY 1 came on stage to sing the final “La La La~” chorus. The stadium swayed with penlights, and the artists on stage were all full of smiles. Several fireworks were shot off to bring DAY 1 to a close.

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