[Live report] UKASUKA-G plays unreleased song. “You’re not the audience, you’re part of the choir.” — “JAPAN NIGHT” DAY 1



Day one of , titled “Yell for Japan”, was held on May 28. This is the live report for UKASUKA-G.

“Kokuritsu, are you hyped?” UKASUKA-G came on stage saying these words.

GAKU-MC said, “Turn the lights blue!”, and the stadium became blue. Kazutoshi Sakurai’s strong acapella that reached the heavens fascinated the audience of 50,000. The two played “SHORI NO HOHOEMI WO KIMITO”, the Japan Football Association official fight song. The arena was colored “SAMURAI BLUE” with penlights as giant soccer ball balloons were thrown into the crowd. It was as if the crowd was heading the ball to each other. The two kicked real soccer balls into the crowd at on point as well.

“Nice to meet you. We are a new group, UKASUKA-G.”

After GAKU-MC’s introduction, he said, “We don’t have any releases yet. We will do an unreleased song now.” That song was clled “Mi-chi”. Sakurai taught the crowd how to sing the chorus before starting the song. “You’re not the audience, you’re part of the choir.”, he said as the audience became members of the group during that song.

After filling the stadium with the wonderful chorus sung by UKASUKA-G and the audience, the two members ran from one side of the long stage to the other. They responded to the audience’s cheers with huge smiles. They then told the crowd, “Enjoy to the end!” as they left the stage.

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