The Ticket Drawing for YOSHIKI’s First show after 12 Years Goes Highly Competitive at the Rate of 1/300! Live-Viewing Opportunity Has Been Announced.



YOSHIKI from the Japanese rock band “X” will hold his first solo show after 12 years on June 16th in Tokyo and 17th in Osaka. Winning rate for ticket drawings has gone highly competitive to 1/300. The show at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Place will be broadcasted live at theaters.

His solo world tour “Yoshiki Classical World Tour” starting in April took place in the US, Mexico, Russia, Germany, France, and Britain at traditional concert halls. Since the 6th, the tour has gone to Asia. After China, he will be going to Thailand and Taiwan, returning to Japan on 16th and 17th.

YOSHIKI says, “I have been improvising local popular songs. I played “Bohemian Rhapsody” in London and the audience loved it. What moved me was the big choir that the audience joined in every country for “Endless Rain”.

The tour set list also includes “Anniversary”, a celebration song dedicated to Japan’s Emperor’s 10th anniversary after coronation. YOSHIKI says “In most of the countries, “Anniversary” has been welcomed in warm hearts. I’ve seen tears in the eyes of the audience. That’s what drives me to playing this song”. He also says “I would love to pay respect to China by playing a Chinese song. I believe music goes beyond boundaries. We can be connected through music.”

On the day of Tokyo show, X JAPAN’s first world best album “THE WORLD- X JAPAN FIRST WORLD BEST” will be released.

The live version of “Without You”, a song dedicated to HIDE is included. YOSHIKI explains, “It represents our will to go to the global market with HIDE and TAIJI. It’s been 20 years since we had a press conference at Rockefeller Center on August 24th in 1992. That really makes me feel emotional thinking of how far we’ve come.”

The long awaited live-viewing ticket will be available on June 12th.

Official Website:
LINE: @yoshiki

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