The great success of JAPAN NIGHT 1st Day “Yell For Japan”



The first day of “SAYONARA NATIONAL OLYMPIC STADIUM – FINAL WEEK JAPAN NIGHT”, the final music event at National Olympic Stadium, ended as a great success. It’s held for two days on May 28 & 29. The first day’s entitled “YELL FOR JAPAN” and it drew 50,000 Japanese music fans, making the night a historic event in Japanese music history.

Nine popular Japanese acts, including Sukima Switch, FUNKY KATO, Naoto Inti Raymi, Kaori Kishitani, The Gospellers, YUZU, Kazuyoshi Saito, and UKASUKA-G (Kazutoshi Sakurai & GAKU-MC), shared the stage. IKIMONOGAKARI closed the curtains. For the first song, IKIMONOGAKARI played one of their hit tunes, “ARIGATO (Thank you)”, as if to show their gratitude for the National Stadium that has offered a lot of emotional moments in its history. Kiyoe Yoshioka’s clear voice was so divine that it sounded like it melted into the night view of Tokyo. The session by “Yell For Japan special band”, formed by 18 musicians including string and horn sections, was one of the most dramatic moments of the night.

“I feel so good in this huge stadium. I hope the stadium will be reborn to produce more emotional moments, and that today’s for this stadium’s rebirth.”

After making this comment, Yoshioka started singing “Kaze ga Huite Iru” a Capella. The song was used as a theme song for “NHK London Paralympics Broadcasting”. Not only does the song fit the theme of the rebirth of National Olympic Stadium, but the first part of the lyric created one of the most emotional moments of the night, celebrating the future of the reborn stadium in saying “In the change of the times, we have hope”. Then, the cannon balls exploded in the chorus, lighting up the stadium in celebration.

Toward the end of the song, all the performers gathered on the stage and sang the “La la la” part together. The penlight from the audience waved left to right lighting up all the smiles on the performers’ faces. After all the performances, many fireworks from National Olympic Stadium decorated the sky to end the first night of “JAPAN NIGHT”.

“Yell For Japan”, the first event of “SAYONARA NATIONAL OLYMPIC STADIUM FINAL WEEK JAPAN NIGHT” cheered up the country and showed respect to the National Olympic Stadium, leaving the enthusiasm for the second night on the 29th “Japan to the World”.

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