Vocals: Rinko
Guitar: Yuzuru Takeda
Drums: Takashi Koyama
With catchy alternative music inspired by western 90’s punk and rock bands, MOLICE broke into the scene just two years ago with the goal to conquer mainstream music worldwide.
With lyrics and music created by frontlady Rinko, MOLICEhas created a unique sound that is quickly gaining them popularity.
Formed in 2007, Molice is a quartet with a sound that’s difficult to pin down.
Elements of ’70s punk energy, ’80s new wave sensibility, and ’90s college radio guitar all get mashed in there, topped with gutsy female vocals.
Molice quotes The Velvet Underground, The Doors, and The Pixies among their influences, along with The Police (from whom their name is partially formed) and a number of other bands from different eras and genres, so let’s just say they have things covered from the ’70s forward.
The point is, they rock hard, and have a sound that is uniquely their own.
The band is fronted by vocalist Rinko, who also plays guitar, and supported by a tight yet ferocious guitar, bass, and drum lineup, defined by Yuzuru Takeda’s slashing guitar.
After gigging around the Tokyo area for a few months, Molice was tapped for a slot in August 2007 at Japan’s high profile annual Summer Sonic music festival, which features top Japanese bands along with international headliners.
Since then, the band has released multiple demos and videos which, along with constant gigging, have won them a strong indie fan base.
Their first full-length, entitled Dr. Ray, was released in November 2008.
They continue to play out often, and it’s not hard to imagine a major breakthrough right around the corner.
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