INORAN Performs as Surprise Guest at Outdoor Festival in Beijing



INORAN appeared on May 1 as a surprise guest at “CHINA MUSIC VALLEY,” an outdoor music festival that featured about fifty popular Chinese bands.

The festival was held in the Pinggu District of Beijing and about 70,000 Chinese music fans gathered together over three days, an atmosphere that greatly resembles that of “Fuji Rock Festival” in Japan. INORAN made a last minute appearance on the main stage as the special guest of the last performer on the first day, Yang Kun.

Yang Kun is a musician as well as an actor, movie producer, and host and he makes yearly appearances at the large-scale “CCTV New Year’s Gala,” which airs on Chinese New Year. He appears in movies, TV shows and commercials and is such a popular male artist in China that people perhaps don’t go a day without seeing him in their living rooms. Yang Kun met INORAN through Song Rui, a music producer that is connected to INORAN. Song Rui has participated in recording with artists such as Miyuki Nakajima, Chitose Hajime and My Little Lover, is currently producing Rihwa, and writes songs for Chinese artists such as Yang Kun, Chris Lee, and Zhang Jie, working in the music world of both China and Japan.

Yang Kun hit it off with INORAN, saying, “I would be very honored if INORAN would appear as a guest, and I’ll be happy if it can become the start of some kind of musical exchange between China and Japan.”

The audience clapped in time to the beat of the intro of “Life Like a Stone,” and Yang Kun introduced INORAN, saying, “For just today, a great guitarist has come from Japan! INORAN from LUNA SEA!!” and the audience broke into loud cheers. When INORAN took the stage, he riled up the crowd by coming to the front of the stage and playing noisy guitar.

INORAN moved freely back and forth across the stage, coordinating with Yang Kun as the cheers of the fans reached a climax.

Although INORAN only performed one song, he clearly left an impact on the fans in Beijing.

Following the end of the performance, INORAN talked about the new musical bonds he’d formed, saying, “This is certainly a musical journey. Another chance encounter has been born. I will definitely come back here to perform, I have a feeling.”

INORAN has performed not only in Japan, but also in Europe and Asia, but this performance shows the expansion of his limitless possibilities.

INORAN will continue to move forward with is solo band. He already has planned a tour of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka that includes a show for his birthday. INORAN continues to believe in the possibilities while searching for new encounters. So everyone should go to his live performances in order to experience the music that he creates.

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