Korn Vocalist to Collaborate on Kyo’s Solo Album



sukekiyo, which was formed as a solo project of DIR EN GREY’s vocalist Kyo, will release their first album “IMMORTALIS” on April 30. A special bonus disc, which will be included with the first-press edition of the album, includes collaboration tracks with many wonderful artists such as SUGIZO (LUNA SEA) and HISASHI (GLAY). Now the final artist to collaborate on the album has been announced.

It was announced on sukekiyo’s official website that the song “in all weathers” was remixed by Devilslug. Devilslug is a unit formed by Jonathan Davis, vocalist of the innovative, Grammy Award-winning rock band Korn.

When DIR EN GREY met the members of Korn, Jonathan Davis called them a “crazy, psychotic band from Japan,” and DIR EN GREY toured America with Korn on The Family Values Tour 2006. Even those who are not fans of Western music are doubtlessly eager to find out what kind of remix Jonathan Davis will create from sukekiyo’s sound.

Incidentally, there is currently a radio edit version of the track “in all the weathers” available for listening for members of Kyo’s official mobile site “Kyo online.”

Furthermore, sukekiyo is holding a special performance for members of Kyo online entitled “sukekiyo 2014 Live: ‘Houou no Ma.'” The show will be sukekiyo’s first one-man performance, and it will be held on April 28 at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM.

Tickets were available through a lottery process, the applications for which ended on April 6.

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