Urgently confirmed!!! INORAN TOUR 2014 – Somewhere – Tour final show on 4/13 will be live on Ustream!!



Following the release of the new mini-album “Somewhere” on March 19th. There are only 2 shows remaining since the start of the live tour on April 4th in Osaka.

Due to tickets for the live show on April 12th being sold out instantly, an extra show on April 13th was added to accommodate the high demand of tickets. And for now, not only do Japanese fans can enjoy this show, fans all over the world are welcomed to join the show via Ustream!

Additionally, overseas tour documentary DVD “I’M HERE” (Special edition with Japanese subtitles) will be aired prior to the start of the live show on the same channel.

Lastly, “REDISCOVER ON ANOTHER” music video, track from the latest mini-album “Somewhere” will be aired on the channel on that day.
Please stay tuned!

INORAN Ustream Channel
I’M Here OA 15:45 Live start 17:00〜

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