AA= Begins Pre-Orders For Exclusive Digital-Distribution-Only Live Album Featuring Exclusive Rare Tracks



Pre-orders for AA=’s exclusive digital-distribution-only album “Live #4 at LIQUIDROOM20140209”, which will be released on April 9, has started on iTunes.

One of the tracks from the new album, “The Jam”, will be available for advanced download as a bonus that comes with the pre-order. “The Jam” is an alternative rock tune featuring emotional melodies. It is a track from the split album “4” and a fitting prologue to experiencing the legendary AA= performance captured on the album.

Furthermore, as an exclusive bonus for people who pre-order from iTunes, “WARWARWAR –Ustream Rec 20131126 ver.-“ will be made available for download. It is a rare, impromptu recording of the track taken at JAMBORii Station’s digital program “Power Down Shita GGTV no AATV”, when Takeshi Ueda, Takayoshi Shirakawa, Minoru Kojima and ZAX appeared as surprise guests. The version of the song from the split album “#” is digital-main, electro piece, but “WARWAR WAR –Ustream Rec 20131126 ver.-“ is a newly-arranged version recorded with a predominant band sound.

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