Announcing the arrival of Yoshiki’s solo world tour to Japan!



Yoshiki will be performing in Tokyo for the first time in 12 years, and will be staging his first ever performance in Osaka!

On April 3rd (in Tokyo), Yoshiki of XJAPAN announced the release of his first solo world tour (#YoshikiClassicalWorldTour), and will finally be performing in Tokyo, Osaka, and Taipei, adding to his performances in the US, Mexico, Russia, Germany, France, England, China, and Thailand.

Last year, Yoshiki’s first solo album in almost 8 years, “Yoshiki Classical” (released on 9/25), went on sale all over the world, achieving the number one spot on the iTunes top classical albums charts of ten different countries, including Japan, Canada, and other Asian nations, and was successful enough throughout the world to achieve top 10 spots on the charts in France, Norway, Australia, and more.

On February 19th, Yoshiki announced his first solo world tour at the Los Angeles Grammy Museum, news which spread throughout the world in the blink of an instant.
He also performed for the first time at the world’s largest music convention, SXSW (South by Southwest), held in Texas on March 14th, and the holographic piano battle he staged during the event’s after-party caused a sensation throughout the world.
As Yoshiki continues to receive offers from promoters in countries around the world, three performances, one in Taipei on June 13th, one in Tokyo on June 16th, and one in Osaka on June 17th have finally been officially announced. In addition, due to scheduling conflicts experienced by certain tour members, the May 10th Toronto, Canada performance has been delayed, and will now become part of the World Tour Part 2, and so #YoshikiClassicalWorldTourPart1 is officially 13 performances held in 10 different countries.

Yoshiki’s solo performances within Japan will be his first in 12 years, since his “Yoshiki Symphonic Concert 2002 with the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra, featuring Violet UK” held in 2002 at the Tokyo International Forum. His Osaka performance will also be his first ever solo performance in Osaka, and his first in 18 years since his performance in 1996 as part of X Japan’s DAHLIA TOUR 1995-1996, setting the stage for truly exciting performances.

Yoshiki is currently traveling around the world, and has most recently been on promotion trips to Berlin and Moscow for his world tour. He came on short notice to hold this press conference in Japan, and he plans to return to the US as soon as the press conference is over.

100 fans selected by lottery from around 10,000 applicants were invited and showed up, along with many foreign journalists from different foreign countries, to the Tokyo American Club, a members only club aimed at foreigners and the location of the press conference, despite the fact that the press conference was held on short notice during midday on a weekday, clearly showing the high level of interest in this press conference.

In addition, at the end of the press conference, Yoshiki performed his Forever Love on the spot, receiving loud chants of support from his fans.

Comments from Yoshiki: It’s strange to announce performances in Japan even though I’m Japanese. But recently I’ve been busy touring overseas, so I’m very glad to able to meet with my fans in Japan for the first time in so long. Although I’m nervous about my world tour, I’m truly happy to know that fans around the world are waiting for me. This tour is like the realization of a dream for me, so I hope to think of unique things to do at each venue to make this dream even more wonderful. Please look forward to it.

Tickets for these performances can be priority reserved and purchased by Yoshiki mobile, Yoshiki Visa Card, and Yoshikitty Master Card members, and ticket reservation and purchasing information will be announced on Yoshiki’s official website , and the official website of UDO Artists, Inc.

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