LITTLE : (The Shortest MC in Tokyo, Japan)
    Leads two groups: KICK THE CAN CREW and CASSETE VISION
    Has a huge hat collection and loves cartoon
His first recording experience dates back to 1996, participating as a guest for “Rhyme Yuugi” by ZINGI. Then in 1998, his first mini-debut album “Iino” was released as a solo artist. The hip-hop tracks on “Iino” gained him a major recognition, mostly for his unique approach to express the relationships, as if the lyrics are taken from slow love ballads which approach was a taboo when the hard, edgy American hip hop was worshipped as the coolest and everything else was not worth listening to. In 1998, with two other MCs, KREVA and MCU, the trio formed a new group KICK THE CAN CREW and gone further to influence the local scene that it is okay to be vulnerable and lyrical, as long as their words come from their hearts. Right before the group’s major breakthrough in 2001, LITTLE had kept his solo career going and released the first full length album “MR. COMPACT” from Sony Records. After the hiatus of KICK THE CAN CREW in June 2004, LITTLE rekindled his passion to record and tour as a solo artist.
He stayed busy releasing new songs, his signature of mixing both softer touch and keeping his own identity, not wanting to be stereotyped, become almost complete. By the time he released his second album “LIFE” in June 2005 from Universal Music, LITTLE’s determination to stay versatile and still show his love to rap, was apparent and the tracks were well received by critics.
 For the live performances, he played 5 cities (Sapporo, Fukuoka, Oosaka, Nagoya, then Tokyo) in one day which nobody else had challenged before. He completed “LITTLE First TOUR 2005 LIVE” in 4 cities in Japan in July 2005. He flew to Seoul, South Korea to be a part of “Korea-Japan Road Club Festival 2005” and later invited back to guest in a charity event with Korean pop stars like Toouhou-shinwha and Rain in Seoul 1988 Olympic Main Stadium.
 Aside from his musical talent, LITTLE worked with an established novelist and graphic artist, Lily Franky to design the tour T-shirt. Lily Franky was impressed with LITTLE’s voice and casting him to work as a voice actor in the cartoon series “Odenkun” which was broadcasted nationwide by NHK. LITTLE had worked regularly as a DJ for FM Northwave, and he even organised a festival event “802 SPLASH” in 2006 in his hometown Hachiouji, located in western Tokyo.
 Staying low key for last two years, LITTLE completed the first single “One Man Show” which was released in July 2007 from BMG JAPAN. The upbeat tracks filled fans’ starved appetite and created a good buzz for followups. In October 2007, second single “Yumeno Sei” was released and transcended the age groups as the words touched everyone who had struggled with their relationships in their lives. The release commemorated LITTLE’s journey as an artist as it was his 10th year from the first debut song “Iino” back in 1998. The video clip was directed by a maestro in Japanese film industry, Hiroyuki Nakano, and featured a young, talented actress Kii Kitano that gave LITTLE a huge exposure outside the hip hop scene.
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