JASMINE JASMINE is a female singer born in 1989. She started her singing career at the age of 17 and her matured powerful vocal, the straightforward attitude, and her lyric that expressed the teenager’s emotion created a buzz, which got her signed with a major label only after a year of her career.
She made a sensational debut with the single titled “sad to say” in June, 2009. She kept on creating the buzz with the sound production that changes song by song, unique but real emotion in the lyric , and the media exposure of the sensational album cover and the video clip. The mixture of Pop quality and street R&B combined with the strong lyric was highly acclaimed by the industry and she opened for Ne-Yo during his Japan Tour.
She moved to America to produce more music with “Stargate”, who produce Rihanna,Ne-Yo and Beyonce. Her career as a new generation artist doesn’t stay only in Japan but she successfully performed overseas including Taiwan or Hong Kong.
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