This up-and-coming unit is formed by the best 5 neo-visual band members:
Vocal: Tatsuro (MUCC), Guitar: Hiroto (Alice Nine), Mizuki (Sadie), Bass: dunch (jealkb) & Drums: KENZO(AYABIE).
Karasu first unveiled themselves on stage at “MAVERICK DC GROUP PRESENTS JACK IN THE BOX 2009 SUMMER” held at Makuhari Messe on 8/15/09. They covered 2 songs and also performed “LASTICA,” their original number created just for that day. It’s been three months since the event. Although all the members were busy with their own bands, Karasu managed to finish recording “LASTICA Studio ver.” and came back to the visual scene with this song in November 2009. With very catchy, industrial sound and impressive, passionate lyrics, this number deserves to be called a masterpiece of true neo-visual music.
At first, this unit was a one-shot session band assembled by Tatsuro, but now, Karasu (means “crow” in Japanese) has fully spread its wings. Are they going to fly away and disappear? Or are they going to land down on another stage unexpectedly?