Wonderful Artists to Appear in Short Movie for KUROYUME’s album “Kuro to Kage”



KUROYUME will release their new album “Kuro to Kage” on January 29, 2014. They have now released the details of the album as well as the jacket photos.

The album has a total of thirteen tracks including “Guernica,” which is the theme song to the January 2014 film “Bilocation.” It also includes the album version of the sold-out venue-only single “KINGDOM.” The CD only version also includes a bonus track called “LEAP.”

The limited box edition includes a DVD with a short movie entitled “THE BLACK FILM” as well as a compilation of music videos. This is the first time that the music video for the single “KINGDOM” has been included in a recording. There is also a music video for the title track, “Kuro to Kage,” and there is a video of a different edit of the album version of the track “Guernica.”

And then there is the must-see film, “THE BLACK FILM.” It includes interviews with musicians who respect KUROYUME and lasts a little over an hour. Appearing in the video are distinguished artists such as Akinori (lynch.), Ryutaro Arimura (Plastic Tree), HYDE, Hazuki (lynch.), INORAN, Katsuma (coldrain), Masato (coldrain), MIYAVI, MORRIE, RUKI (the GazettE), SUGIZO, Tetsu Takano (ZIGZO), and T.M.Revolution (artists listed in alphabetical order).

This can certainly be called a very rare video.

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