LM.C Announces Move To Victor With Release Of New Album “PERFECT FANTASY”



The visual kei rock group, LM.C, has announced their move to Victor Entertainment with the release of their new album “PERFECT FANTASY” which will be released on February 12.

The band has steadily extended their activity overseas into Asia including countries such as Taiwan and Korea. Furthermore, the band has been deemed by J-ROCK fans in Europe as “the most promising J-ROCK Band”. LM.C has received critical acclaim worldwide with their three world tours that were held in 2009, 2010 and 2012. Tour locations include Columbia, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, England, Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Taiwan and Korea. It would be interesting to see how this band with boundless musicality thrives at their new label.

Details pertaining to the long-awaited new album, “PERFECT FANTASY”, have also been revealed. The new work, which would be their first album release in 22 months since the release of “STRONG POP”, features eight tracks including the fast-tempo “DOUBLE DRAGON” released in November 2012 and their newest EDM single “My Favorite Monster”. The album is full of LM.C’s borderless signature POP tunes ranging from alternative to digital rock. The limited first press edition would be a special BOX edition, which will come with a deluxe photo booklet.

In promotion of the new album, LM.C would be starting their new national tour
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