YOSHIKI Releases Special Edition SL150 Headphones



In commemoration of the release of YOSHIKI’s special edition headphones, “SL150 YOSHIKI special edition,” by the American headphone brand SOUL, YOSHIKI made an appearance at BICLO BIC CAMERA, Shinjuku East Exit Branch on December 12. He held a release event that was attended by a large gathering of fans.

The SL150 YOSHIKI special edition headphones went on sale on December 18, but on the day of the event, a total of 150 pairs were offered for sale, and the 150 people who purchased the headphones were able to take part in the special event.

The SL150 headphones are metallic red and the design features the letter “Y” written in bright coloring. They are extremely fashionable, and according to YOSHIKI, they can be used both for fashion and as a tool for high-quality music playback. He chose the color based on the image of a red Ferrari.

YOSHIKI is always frequenting the recording studio, and after using many different types of headphones, he narrowed down his choice several different models not for studio use but instead geared toward consumers. He thought of what would make good headphones from every angle, such as sound, ease of use, and design, and the model he chose was the SOUL SL150.

YOSHIKI has put out several collaboration items thus far, including jewelry, wine, and a Hello Kitty. It left quite an impression when YOSHIKI said, with a bashful but happy smile, “This time, I was finally able to release an item that is related to music.”

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