HISAISHI of GLAY to contribute to solo debut song of new voice actor, Yurika Endo


Yurika Endo

HISAISHI, guitarist of GLAY, will compose, produce, and write the lyrics for Yurika Endo’s debut song. The song will be the ending theme song for the TV anime “Z/X IGNITION” starting in January. This is the first time that HISASHI did an anime theme song and also the first time he worked with a voice actor.

The new release, titled “Monochrome Overdrive” will be a digital rock tune that uses state-of-the-art technology. “Actually, I’m very shy…”, Endo said about herself. Acting and singing are the only ways Endo can effectively express herself. This debut solo song captures her experiences as she lunges forward into music.

Endo also plays the voice of Aina Mikage on “Z/X IGNITION”.

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