Ryuichi Sakamoto Releases DSD5.6 MHz Remaster Of “Senjou no Merry Christmas”


Ryuichi Sakamoto

A DSD5.6 remaster of Ruyuichi Sakamoto’s representative works “Senjou no Merry Christmas” and “CODA” will be released exclusively on the high-resolution music distribution website “e-onkyo music”.

2013 marks the 30th year since the release of the film “Senjou no Merry Christmas”, directed by Nagisa Ooshima. A digitally remastered version of the film was premiered within the Classic category at The 70th Venice International Film Festival. With that, all of Sakamoto’s original sound tracks were, for the first time, remastered as DSD5.6 MHz recordings, by Seigen Ono. The tracks will be distributed exclusively on the aforementioned e-onkyo music website on December 16th (Mon).

Ono was an engineer who worked with the original recording back in 1983. The original recordings were remastered using the highest sound quality available with modern technology. The remastered version of “Senjou no Merry Christmas” offers a sound faithful to the original recording, but yet breathes life into the details that had not been audible in the original work. By offering the finished product in DSD5.6 MHz, the exact same quality used at the time of the remastering, you can surely appreciate the top-notch quality of the remastering. Never-heard-before takes including alternate versions/mixes will also be available.

Ono’s remaster of “CODA”, the piano version of the work, will also be distributed under DSD5.6 MH. Take a listen to both releases to get a full appreciation of Sakamoto’s masterpieces that greatly contributed in shaping the movie “Senjou no Merry Chirstmas” 30 years ago, in their resurrected form.

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