LUNA SEA to release their long-awaited full album “A WILL” 13 years and 5 months after their last full album “LUNACY”



LUNA SEA has announced their “LUNA SEA 25th ANNIVERSARY LIVE” for 2014 being the 25th year after their band formation.

The “LUNA SEA 25th ANNIVERSARY LIVE” will be held on May 29th, which is their band formation anniversary day, at Yoyogi National Gymnasium. This live has been long-awaited and was finally decided to be held 1 year and 4 months after LUNA SEAs Nihon Budokan 6DAYS live held in January 2013. This Night has a special meaning for LUNA SEA and of course the fans who have been waiting patiently for the next performance of LUNA SEA.

Furthermore, LUNA SEA will finally release their long-awaited full album “A WILL” 13 years and 5 months after their last full album “LUNACY”, which was realeased on July 12th in 2000. In addition to their newest song “乱(RUN)”, which is one of rare LUNA SEA tracks with an english titel, thelatest singles “Thoughts” and “The End of the Dream / Rouge” are included in this 11 track album as well.

This album starts off powerful with the magnificant rock number “Anthem of Light” ringing in the 2nd chapter of LUNA SEA in the truest meaning possible. All sides of LUNA SEA from the progressive/hard side to their pop/universal side coexisting in this album, creating an unique and enchanting musical experience. You will find it impossible to feel the 13 years and 5 months that have gone by, but you will feel every members heart and soul compressed in every single track.
“A WILL” is a true masterpiece.

Don’t miss out on the journey of “LUNA SEA ~2nd Chapter~” towards their 25th anniversary.


2013/12/11(Wed) released

■First limited edition A (SHM-CD + Blu-ray)
UPCH-9905 ¥5,980 (tax in)
・Double digitray
・Exclusive photos on 52P booklet
・Exclusive lyrics

■First limited edition B (CD + DVD)
UPCH-9906 ¥3,980 (tax in)

■Standard edition (CD)
UPCH-1953 ¥3,059 (tax in)

[Limited quantities]
PDCJ-1064  ¥4,980 (tax in)
※Limited quantities / Analog size SPECIAL PACKAGE
※Content is same as First limited edition B.
※Available only on Universal music store.

<SHM-CD / CD contents>
01. Anthem of Light
02. Rouge
03. The End of the Dream
05. Glowing
06. 乱
07. absorb
08. Metamorphosis
09. 銀ノ月  
10. Thoughts
11. Grace

<Blu-ray / DVD contents>
・The End of the Dream -Music Video-
・Rouge -Music Video-
・Thoughts -Music Video-
・乱(RUN) -Music Video
・The End of the Dream & Rouge -TV SPOT-
・Thoughts -TV SPOT-

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