Tommy heavenly6 Reveals Music Video for New Song from New “Ice cream” Album


Tommy heavenly6

Tomoko Kawase of the brilliant green released her new album “TOMMY ♡ ICE CREAM HEAVEN ♡ FOREVER” on November 27 as vol.3 of her 15th debut anniversary project. With the release of the album, the music video for her new song was revealed.

Following the reveal of the music video for the song “Ruby eyes”, a theme song for a TV drama, a new music video for the track “Can you hear me?” from the new album has now also been revealed. With collaboration goods with the popular jewelry brand Q-pot appearing in the music video along with other things, the video creates another cute, quintessentially-Tommy-heavenly6 world.

The newly released album “TOMMY ♡ ICE CREAM HEAVEN ♡ FOREVER” features 12 tracks including Tommy heavenly6’s trademark melodious rock tunes and the brilliant green’s “Ash Like Snow (English version)”. The DVD from the limited first press edition features two music videos along with a special video that ties them together, so don’t forget to check them out.

The cover artwork for “TOMMY ♡ ICE CREAM HEAVEN ♡ FOREVER” and that for “TOMMY ♡ SHOP SUGAR ♡ ME”, which was released in June 2013, are designed to make a pair. Notice the cold world created by heavely6’s “darkness and cold” that keeps the ice cream frozen.

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