MAN WITH A MISSION’s Global Collaboration with Game Application “GO DANCE”



MAN WITH A MISSION has just completed their nationwide tour “Wake Myself Again TOUR 2013” and has announced a solo concert at Makuhari Messe and overseas performances in America. They have now made a ground-breaking collaboration with SEGA Networks Co.,Ltd. (referred to below as SEGA Networks), a game application called “GO DANCE.”

“GO DANCE” is a dance game application released by SEGA Networks for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. They have now released a “MAN WITH A MISSION package” that includes songs by MAN WITH A MISSION.

“GO DANCE” uses motion control technology and judges the player’s movements on a structural level through the FaceTime camera, assigning a score based on how well the player’s movements match with the movements of the avatar shown on the screen. Through things like email and Facebook, users are able to share their scores with players all over the world, compare scores, and interact with users on a global scale. The game became available on September 12, and it is currently available in Japan, America, Canada, England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, and Mexico. Eventually, it will be released to a total of 150 countries all over the world.

This global project is a collaboration with SEGA Networks, but MAN WITH A MISSION in general is keeping both domestic and international activities in mind. MAN WITH A MISSION has held several overseas tours and performed at festivals, and both their appearance and music have received high praise from all over the world.

There is another important point about this collaboration. Those outside of Japan who download the “MAN WITH A MISSION package” will also receive a song code that allows users to download songs from the iTunes Music Store. (Those who download in Japan will not receive a song code, but the songs will be available in the package). The distribution of music from a game is the first-ever endeavor of its kind on the Apple platform. Because of “GO DANCE” even more people will become familiar with MAN WITH A MISSION’s music.

And the reverse is also true. Currently, “GO DANCE” features mostly Western music, and MAN WITH A MISSION is the first Japanese artists to be introduced. Therefore, those who love MAN WITH A MISSION will learn about the game “GO DANCE” and may come to enjoy the game.

The “MAN WITH A MISSION package” includes three songs as well as a special stage and special avatar. The giant wolf that was projected on a screen during the October “Wake Myself Again TOUR 2013” during the song “FLY AWAY” is the special avatar. In addition to “FLY AWAY,” players can also dance to “Get Off Of My Way,” and with the previously mentioned song code can also download the song “Don’t Lose Yourself.”

“GO DANCE” and MAN WITH A MISSION have created a revolutionary collaboration between the game world and the music world. Everyone should try it out for themselves.

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