SPYAIR Two Day Performance in Korea



SPYAIR held two concerts in Korea on September 28 and 29.

This is the third consecutive year that SPYAIR has held a concert in Korea. The amount of people attending their Korean concerts is steadily increasing, and both days were sold out.

Vocalist IKE did MCs in Korean, saying things like, “Make some noise!” and “Korea is the best!” He spoke Korean throughout the whole concert, deepening the level of communication with the Korean fans. At the same time, the sold-out audience sang the Japanese lyrics along with the band. The first time they went to Korea, the members of SPYAIR were surprised that the Korean fans remembered their Japanese lyrics. And now, SPYAIR has built up a feeling of mutual trust with their Korean fans.

After a perfect sixteen song set, IKE said, “See you again! We’ll definitely come back!” promising to hold another concert in Korea. SPYAIR will also be holding their first nationwide tour in Japan, titled “SPYAIR TOUR 2013 ‘MILLION’.” The tickets for the tour sold out in less than one day, showing that SPYAIR’s momentum is unstoppable. Also, SPYAIR’s song “JUST ONE LIFE,” which is the opening for the anime “Samurai Flamenco,” will go on sale on November 13. “JUST ONE LIFE” is also available for listening on SPYAIR’s official homepage.

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