BREAKERZ’s AKIHIDE and mouse on the keys’ Drummer’s Session Movie Released



BREAKERZ guitarist AKIHIDE has released a session movie that he did with post-rock band drummer Akira Kawasaki from mouse on keys on YouTube.

The session movie features the song “Battle” which is recorded on AKIHIDE’s October 30 release guitarist album, “Lapis Lazuli”. “Lapis Lazuli” is an album that was recorded with an emphasis on raw sound. Based on the theme of expressing rock music through acoustic guitar, it consists of music performed only by an acoustic guitar, or an acoustic guitar accompanied by one more instrument.

Mouse on the keys drummer Akira Kawasaki joins his recording of “Battle”. The session movie consists of footage3 of the two artists performing the song live at a studio. The movie is shot in one take, so the vibe and energy of the performance are can be easily felt by viewers.

Further, in addition to this recently released “Battle”, additional video footage will be made public leading up to the album release. The sound “battle” that they deliver doesn’t tolerate any outside help – it’s all in their hands alone. Their wired-up performance is definitely worth checking out.

AKIHIDE × mouse on the keys Session Movie:

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