AFRA & INCREDIBLE BEATBOX BAND A human beatbox band comprised of three of Japan’s top-class national beatboxers, AFRA, Kei, and K-MOON. All members come from a street-level hip hop background and possess top-notch beatboxing skills. Has attracted much attention as a world-class human beatbox orchestra.
In 2005, began live activity and quickly saw success with their participation in one of the biggest music festivals in Japan, “SUMMER SONIC”. In the same year, they performed in front of 10,000 people at one of the world’s greatest music festivals held in Barcelona, “sonar 2005”.
In November 2005, performed in seven locations in the UK as opening act for IAN BROWN’s (ex. STONE ROSES) UK tour.
In January 2006, participated in the large-scale Australian music festival, “Big Day Out”.
In February 2006, released their long-awaited 1st album “I.B.B.”
In June 2006, participated in “sonar 2006” for the second time.
In October 2006, released a compilation video work of their international performances, “WORLD TOUR”.
In September 2008, released the 2nd album “World Class” which pushed the boundaries of human beatboxing potentials.
All eyes are fixed, both nationally and internationally, on them as one of the most talented live acts in the music scene today.
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