Mai Kotone


Mai Kotone Mai Kotone, also known as “Mainya,” is a female idol who was born on 8/24/1990 in Hyogo Prefecture. She moved away from Kobe to Tokyo on her own in 2009 and began to perform lives, in total of 300 stages in 1 year. As her fans increased, her 1st single “Dreamscape☆”released in the limited number of 1000 CDs in 9/2009 were sold out in only 5 days upon release. All the singles released thereafter also set records for great sales. She has gained a lot of attention for her special interaction with the audience at the lives also known as “Minzoku Daiidou” where everyone in the audience moves around according to her actions. She made her major debut with a single “BANG BANG Koteki Samba” released in 8/2013 from Victor Entertainment.
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