Mayu Wakisaka Performing at Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM)



A Japanese singer-songwriter, Mayu Wakisaka,has been creating a worldwide buzz for her songs preloaded on Sony Walkman and for winning International Acoustic Music Award (Open Category).
Mayu Wakisaka will hit the stage of Tokyo International Music Award on October 23rd at ZEPP Diver City Tokyo.

Native of Japan’s second largest city Osaka, Jazz and Pop music singer songwriter, Mayu Wakisaka, followed an interesting route to her life of music. Originally she studied at law school and during that time passed an audition for a Japanese reality show. She later quit both and moved to LA to do her own music.

Her style is a warm mix of Folk, Jazz and Pop with unique, well written English lyric. Her calming but convincing vocal style works just like a chamomile tea at the end of the day.

“Lyric is one of the most important things in my writing. I know it’s my second language. But so what? Maybe I get to write lyrics easy enough for non-native listeners to understand.” Mayu says.

True, “ 24 hours” is a simple count-down song before break up, but it perfectly illustrates the emotion and elements of a sleepless night with a broken heart. After recording with musicians in LA, “24 hours”, the opening track of her self-produced first EP “Stars Won’t Fall”, caught the attention of Sony Electronics in California, and was preloaded onto Sony’s mp3 player walkman.

As Sony Walkman have been distributed all over the world, Mayu gained a growing international fan base, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Middle Eastern Countries.

The quality of her music is well-proven as she also is a winner of “International Acoustic Music Award” in the open category with “Once”, a song from her second album produced by John Avila, a quirky acoustic pop with interesting and intriguing instrumentation.

“I’m excited to be performing at TIMM. I know my music’s been out there, enjoyed by fans in many countries, but haven’t got enough chance to meet and greet them directly. Hope this stage opens the door for that” said Mayu with a big smile.

Mayu is currently performing based in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and occasionally in Los Angeles.

You haven’t had her your music on your player, or haven’t had her in your country yet? Check out her website for more info and her voice.

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