DJ NOBU is the kind of DJ who has devoted his life to the art of DJing and the magic of dancing. He is not a techno DJ nor a house DJ. His musical spectrum is wider than most current DJs. He’s the purist in its truest sense when it comes to his profession — he’s on another level compared to regular DJs you see in regular clubs when it comes to making people dance and taking them on a musical trip. He puts so much energy to his performance to ensure that he gives the dances an unforgettable experience at every gig he plays.
His home is the urban ground of Chiba city, which is located about an hour and a half drive away from Tokyo, and it’s not a big city on the map of club world.
DJ NOBU, however, is a familiar name amongst the most underground, most hardcore and most appreciative dance music fans in Japan. He is particularly respected for the “Future Terror” party, which he has been running regularly with other local DJs he trusts since 2001 in his home town. This party is organised in a truly D.I.Y. manner at local clubs and other available spaces. They sometimes invite guests from overseas — not for the value of their names, but for their music, of course — and that includes Mike Clark, Terrence Parker, Luke Solomon, Marcel Dettmann, Marcel Fengler and Steffi among others. They grew its reputation only by the quality of music and the energy they provide. And the intensity is so sensational that it makes all its guests an instant fan of DJ NOBU and Future Terror.
Once you taste “Future Terror,” you can never be satisfied again with ordinary club nights.
As “Future Terror” became a place of pilgrimage for Japan’s underground party freaks, DJ NOBU’s reputation spread through the enthusiasts’ word of mouth. In the past few years, he has been to every corner of Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa playing about 90 gigs a year. He has played in pretty much every major club in Tokyo like Eleven, Liquidroom, Unit, Womb and ageHa as well as in all other cities you can think of. He has impressed the audience at large scale open air raves and festivals such as Fuji Rock, Metamorphose, Nagisa and Taico Club.
He has also visited Detroit many times, where his musical creativity and work ethic have their roots, and were invited to play at local parties with the likes of Detroit Beat Down and Moods & Grooves. In May 2010, Marcel Dettmann invited him to play for his album release party at Berghain in Berlin. Despite the fact DJ NOBU was almost completely anonymous to the Berlin crowd and he never even had a chance to visit the club before his gig, he proved his skill and experience through a flawless performance in front of the most hardcore crowd in the world.
Having been more active in music production and remixes in recent years as well as been more active than ever in his DJ front, it’s time for the world to discover DJ NOBU – Japan’s best kept secret.
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