Producer, DJ, Live act
Roughsketch, born on 4 August 1987. In 2004, he started the “Roughsketch Project”.
Roughsketch is well known for his experimental style with having borderless essences in his tunes, and released them through “X-TREME HARD” “HARDCORE TANO*C” “MOB SQUAD TOKYO” which is some of the biggest hardcore labels in Japan today.
From 2010 and on, Roughsketch reached further and released overseas in
such labels as “Megarave” which is one of the oldest hardcore label, and “Hard
Kryptic Records” which is an American hard dance label. Roughsketch’s tunes have been used by the hardcore Top DJ Paul Elstak “Paul Elstak Megamix 2011″ and “Cherry Moon pres. Hardcore Universe Mixed By Evil Activities” as Roughsketch’s tunes are highly rated from DJs all over the world.
As for his DJ acts, Roughsketch is a resident DJ, and also is the host of one and
only hardcore event “YATSUZAKI HARDCORE” in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. He is also continuously performing in very well-known Japanese hardcore club events such as “The Day Of Hardcore” and “HARDCORE TANO*C”.
Roughsketch also hosts a label called “Notebook Records” and have released various
CDs. Within the records releases, not only the high quality music from Japan is
recorded but track makers in the front line in the hardcore scene such as
Hellsystem, Nitrogenetics, THE SPEED FREAK, DJ Plague’s tracks are recorded.
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