Denki Groove


Innovators Takkyu Ishino and Pierre Taki formed Denki Groove, (Electric Groove), in 1989. With quirky personalities, genuine music talent and 12 albums under their belt, they are now celebrating 20 years in the business.
Denki Groove’s success reached Europe in 1995 with the release of ‘Niji’ (Rainbow) on German label MFS (early home of Paul van Dyk), and appearances at German indoor rave MAYDAY, and the Love Parade. Today ‘Niji’ is one of the classic tunes of the 1990s and was used in the famous Japanese anime “Psalms Of Planets Eureka Seven”.  Takkyu Ishino introduced Japanese audiences to techno & dance, establishing club culture in Japan, and as a solo artist he now DJs extensively and organizes Japan’s biggest rave party WIRE. Pierre Taki’s talents lie in many eclectic fields, particularly in visual work, such as direction of his own films and some of Denki Groove’s Promo Videos, as well as production for acclaimed games like “The Last Guy” (PS3)
Denki Groove’s legendary live performances are entertaining and humorous with idiosyncratic staging ideas that strongly impact on audiences. Their sound attracts a wide range of followers with a style that fuses modern Beatnik shout/rap/vocal and the most advanced electronic music. The clever Japanese lyrics are challenging for non-natives, who instead appreciate the offbeat tonal sound of the vocals..
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