CROSSFAITH, Planning to Release a New Global Standard Piece “APOCALYZE”



CROSSFAITH will release their new album, “APOCALYZE” on August 7th. Along with the album release, they announced to hold a tour throughout Japan.

This album will be the first in 14 months since the last piece, “ZION EP”. Like the piece before, the collaborated with MACHINE, who is also involved in LAMB OF GOD, SUICIDE SILENCE, and WHITE ZOMBIE, and created it in New Jersey, USA. This piece will be released not only within the country but also abroad, and the Japanese, Asian, and Australian version will record a total of 13 songs including a bonus track “Not Alone”.

CROSSFAITH will also have a world tour with its new album title, called “APOCALYZE WORLD TOUR”. The tour will be held around the world in over 30 countries, and the tour within Japan will be held in 16 sites, starting from Chiba Look, CHIBA, and this will be the band`s first domestic tour.

01. Prelude

02. We Are The Future

03. Hounds Of The Apocalypse

04. Eclipse

05. The Evolution

06. Scarlett

07. Gala Hala (Burn Down The Floor)

08. Countdown To Hell

09. Deathwish

10. Counting Stars

11. Burning White

12. Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes

13. Not Alone (Japan/ Asia / Australia version bonus track)

2013 Aug.30(Fri.) Chiba LOOK in Chiba pref.
Aug31(Sat.) Mito Light house in IBARAKI pref.
Spt.1(Sun.) Kumagaya HEAVEN’S ROCK VJ-1 in Sendai pref.
6(Fri.) Sendai MACANA in Miyagi pref.
8(Sun.) Sapporo cube garden in Hokkido pref.
11(Wed.) Niigata GPLDEN PIGS BLACK STAGE in Niigata pref.
13(Fri.)Kanazawa vanvan V4 in Ishikawa pref.
14(sat.)Kobe Taiyo & Tra in Hyogo pref.
15(Sun.)Okayama IMAGE in Okayama pref.
16(Mon.holyday)Kokura Wow! In Fukuoka pref.
19(Thur.)holyday)Nagasaki Studio Do! in Nagasaki pref.
20(Fri)Kumamoto Django Kumamoto pref.
21(Sat.)Fukuoka CB in Fukoka pref.
24(Thur.)KyotoMUSE in KYOTO pref.
27(Fri.)Taka,atsu DIME in Kagawa pref.
29(Sun.)Kouchi X-pt. in Kochi pref.

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