Tearful Fans and Steamed Buns(Xiaolongbao)Fulfill SKE48’s Visit to Taiwan



SKE48 members Anna Ishii, Maya Ooya, and Yuria Kizaki visited the AKB48’s official shop in Taiwan (location: Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan Ximending) on May 19th and 20th to hold a handshake and signing event.

While other AKB48 members had visited this AKB48 Official Shop since its opening in 2011, it was the first visit for the three mentioned above. Although they seemed to have been a little uneasy for this reason, they were delighted with the warm welcome from the locals, receiving messages in fluent Japanese. A press conference with reporters representing twenty local media followed the event, in which AKB48 members showed their lively side and fielded questions regarding the <5th AKB48 Popularity Contest> slated to be held in June.

The next day saw the members holding another signing event with a crowd of 300. Like the day before, there were fans who had studied Japanese, carrying message boards written in the language, but some were so emotional that they were driven to tears and became speechless. Touched by such local fans, Kizaki commented, “I’ll study Taiwanese and show my appreciation in your language next time.”

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