EGO-WRAPPIN′ Distributing on iTunes All Past Songs Including the Latest Album All Over the World



EGO-WRAPPIN’, who released their latest album “steal a person’s heart” on April 10th, on the same day started distribution including all past songs in 111 regions around the world on iTunes.

“steal a person’s heart”, which will be their 8th original album contain a total of 11 songs. Modern Artist Shintaro Otake wrote their lyrics, and they contain different musical pieces which you can fully enjoy the Ego-World, such as the lead track “Mekon no Tsuki” famous for their sexual yet trauquil MV, and “Sui-chu no Hikari” which beautifully and emotionally sings of love.

Along with those new pieces, iTunes has started distributing a total of 12 albums from “BLUE SPEAKER” (released 1998) to “Nai-mono Nedari no Dead Heat” (2009), and a total of 4 singles from “Kuchi-bashi ni Cherry” to “BRAND NEW DAY/ love scene” (2010), and also the single “SURE SHOT” (2010) which collected much attention due to the strong team-tag with Brahman.

Album “steal a person’s heart”
4/10/13` RELEASE
[Shokai Rappin (First Limited Edition CD+DVD+7 in. analog+USB+art book)
TFCC-86431 10,500 yen(tax in.)
[Normal Edition(CD)]
TFCC-86432 3,000 yen(tax in.)
Songs Recorded:
01. Sui-chu no Hirari
04.10 man-nen-go no kimi he
05. on You
06. Wisky to Ramune
07. Mekon no Tsuki
08. Chiri to Hai
09.Fall bird
11.fine bitter

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