Team Shachihoko`s Second Live Alone (One-Man Live) will be “Oto-more (Sound Leakage) Distributed” Through Ustream



We will be able to take a peek into the One-man Live that will be held at Zepp Nagoya, Aichi on May 3rd through the sound of the Live planned to be “Oto-more Distributed” using Ustream.

This Live will be the second One-man Live for Team Shachihoko. Used also during last year`s first One-man Live “ First One-Man Live (決) ~Kimie no Omoi Jiki Shoso~”, “Oto-more Distribution” is literally “leaking” on live the sounds within the venue with Ustream. Last time, instead of broadcasting the stage, the sounds were distributed and broadcasted live with along with an court house-looking illustration. How unique will this time`s Live, titled “World Premium Ust ~Oto-more datte Mitsu no Aji~”`s distribution be? Let`s look forward to it!

Team Shachihoko “World Premium Japan Tour 2013 ~Mikiri Hassha wa Mitsu no Aji~”
May 1rd (Wed.), 2013 Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo
May 3rd (Fri. Holiday), 2013 Zepp Nagoya, Aichi
May 6rd (Mon. Holiday), 2013 Hep Osaka (Official Name HEP HALL)
*All tickets for all stage SOLD OUT

Team Shachihoko “World Premium Ust ~Oto-more date Mitsu no Aji~”
May 3rd (Fri. Holiday), 2013 from 3:00 PM
*The main Live is planned to start from 4:00 PM
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