3 songs using “Megpoid English” have been released through VOCALOID MUSIC’s exclusive music distribution label, VOCALOTRACKS



Internet has announced that three English songs using 「VOALOID3 Megpoid English」 witch are distributed through VOCALOID MUSIC’s exclusive music distribution label 「VOCALOTRACKS」.

「VOCALOTRACKS」 is a music label that sells the music witch were created using the vocal-creating software such as 「VOCALOID Gackpoid」 「VOCALOID Megpoid」 「VOCALOID Lily」by the internet and distribute through the music distribution web site witch includes iTunes, Amazon, Mora, Recochoku, and Dwango.

This new release includes the music from the VOCALOID Library 「VOCALOID3 Megpoid English」, released on February 28th, which was also sung in English.

●Album Title:You Are The Reason feat.GUMI English(Single)
This song inspired me personally. The song sends a message saying “Thank you” to all the VOCALOID’s creators and fans.
・Release Date:2013.2.27
・Track List:You Are The Reason feat.GUMI English

●Album Title:Fragments Of Star feat.GUMI English(Single)
VOCALOID3 Megpoid English Official Promotion Song
・Release Date:2013.2.27
・Track List:Fragments Of Star feat.GUMI English

●Album Title:LoveDroid feat.GUMI English(Single)
LoveDroid’s English Version suing VOCALOID3 Megpoid English
・Artist:Kanimiso P
・Release Date:2013.2.27
・Track List:LoveDroid feat.GUMI English

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