Anny Pump


One day, while Itsuki was on her way home from work, she ran into Manami, a friend of a friend who was giving an outdoor street performance. Itsuki happened to be carrying some donuts with her, which she offered to Manami. They became friends instantly. After a few more chance meetings under similar circumstances, they decided to start Anny Pump.
In March 2009, one of their songs, “Sekai ga Teki ni Natte mo”, was used as background music in the movie Koikyokusei, starring Erika Toda. In November of the same year, the University of Tokyo used their song “Komaba-Todaimai Eki (Kimi ni Aitai)” as the theme for the 60th anuual Komaba Festival. They performed live at the school festival, where they received an enthusiastic response from the students in attendance.
Anny Pump made their major-label debut with the single “Naite Itai Yo”, featuring GooF from SOFFet, on Universal Music in February 2010, and they’re set to take the rest of 2010 by storm.