Great success for AKi Akane’s first live in Hong Kong and first illustration book coming out this weekend!


The singer and illustrator Aki Akane, also known as “Screaming Cinderella”, held her first live in Hong Kong on January 26th.

This first solo live was very much in Aki’s style, who is becoming more and more the focus of attention in the music and art scenes, both inside and outside Japan, as a representative for the nico nico douga or Hatsune Miku culture of the youngest generations.

Her videos, published online, gained her a big fandom which grew worldwide along with her first live at Japan Expo, personal exhibits in Italy, Hong Kong and, again, live performances in Hawaii. That’s how she got to the live concert at the MUSIC ZONE@E-MAX in the Kowloon area of Hong Kong. The place, with a capacity for up to 700 people, was full.

akiakane_1 akiakane_2

The live started with an opening movie on the notes of Out Of Eden. Aki Akane appeared on stage and a very warm singing public was there to welcome her. The song Hanabira followed and Aki Akane started MCing with her tablet in a hot call&response with the public before entering the live drawing section of the performance accompanied by the track “Leia”.

Fan got totally absorbed while she was drawing. The live went on with Odotte Mita which saw the participation of famous dancers like Miume, Reichuru, Kamen Liar217, and a duet with the famous Hong Kong unit Sugar Club on Bungaku Shounen no Yutsu. The show ended after a rich set list of 32 songs.
But then the public asked for the encore and everybody was singing in Japanese on the notes of Rolling Girl, showing how Aki Akane is really becoming a worldwide artist.

She displayed a three-dimensional live performance, where the singing, the live drawing and video came together in a very original and fresh way.

Her powerful vocal abilities seemed to strengthen the vivid and overwhelming power of her drawings and videos. The audience got moved at hearing such a big voice coming out form such a small body, and they all got convinced that Aki Akane sensibility is really representing the new generations.

akiakane_5 akiakane_6

But this is not all. Aki Akane is also working intensely on her illustrator side, and she will come out on Feb 2nd with her first illustration book Aki Akane -RGB-. A collection of 130 illustrations whose concept is based on the three basic colors of the light: Red, Green, Blue (there you have RGB).

Among the illustrations, past works for Yuzu, Watanabe Mayu’s album jackets are also to be found together with VOCALOID characters like Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Len. A book absolutely not to be missed.

The duo Yuzu commented on her
“We are fans of Aki Akane. We discovered her with the music video of Rolling Girl. We felt like we met the sensibility of a new era and we got really excited.”

Aki Akane
21-year old talented artist. She is also known as the “Screaming Cinderella” who started her activity on the video sharing platform nico nico douga. On the same platform she released works in collaboration with talented Vocalo P. In 2011 TOY’S FACTORY released her debut album antinotice. The first full album, Boroborona Ikizama came out on April 1st, 2012 and she soon released a new album in November of the same year, DRAGONFLY.
She started performing live abroad in France, Hawaii, Hong Kong, with a very peculiar live drawing. Her designs of the album jackets of famous artists like Yuzu, Watanabe Mayu were also highly praised and she started working on the opening of the TBS animation Kinsma. She is a leading artist on the illustration platform pixiv, where she constantly inspires young illustrators with her works.

Official Web Site
Aki Akane TOY’S FACTORY site

Live Info
Jan 26th 2012
MUSIC ZONE@E-MAX, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Door open 19:00 start 20:00
Dedicated site:

Aki Akane
Dancers: Miume, Reicheru, Kamen Liar217
Chorus: Rian Nagashima
Guest: Sugar Club (Hong Kong singer)
Opening: TAKKI (Hong Kong singer)

Illustration Book
“Aki Akane Illustration Book –RGB –” on sale 2.2.2013
format:A4 , 128 pages
Price :2500 JPY +taxes enterbrain INC

CD info
akiakane_cd2 ©2012COCHITORA,Inc All Rights Reserved

NEW Album “DRAGONFLY” on sale since Nov.14th 2012
TFCC-86418 / 9tracks / JPY1800(tax in) / TOY’S FACTORY

Track list
9 tracks
1. Kando≠Reduction (lyrics/music:Yairi)
2. BBM (lyrics/music:niki)
3. Shototsu Mirai Yosouzu feat. Toyu (lyrics/music:Yuyu)
4. Pokka Pokka to Suukina Suuji (lyrics/music:SaiB)
5. Asteroid no Sakumi  (lyrics/music:noa)
6. Tetsupaipu to Yoru no Ame (lyrics/music:YM)
7. HEAT (lyrics/music:niki)
8. Hinhin Banashi (lyrics: mommy / music:nuts rock)
9. Kikyoshoku no Sayonara (lyrics/music:Yuyoyuppe)