Mayumi Morinaga


Mayumi-Morinaga A singer songwriter from Saga Prefecture. Specializes in dance music. After appearing in Nippon Television’s audition program “Utasuta!” in 2006, debuted in 2007 with the single “ONE MILLION MILES”. In 2008, traveled around the globe with just a boombox and held many street performances. Released “NIGHT OF FIRE / Mayumi Morinaga feat. Britney Hamada” which she made in collaboration with comic artist Britney Hamada for the cover compilation album “Pagyaru! Trance”. Provided a song for the arcade game “beatmania IIDX” under the name “moimoi”, and has been working under other aliases such as MAKI and PRIM. In June 2012, released the 1st album “Glitter / Kamiuta” which featured the title track “Glitter”, the ending theme song for the TV Tokyo’s animation “FAIRY TAIL”.
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