Born in LA, raised in Kagoshima, and educated in the US for high school. With authentic vocal power honed in a gospel choir, street smarts learnt in the US, the hot rap skills of a true bilingual, and art-school-acquired dance moves, AI is the reigning Queen of Hip Hop Soul, moving freely between soul, R&B, hip hop and dance.
Many globally traumatizing events shook the world in 2011. AI’s caring message of “everything will be alright with your smile” in “Happiness/Letter In The Sky feat. The Jacksons,” coupled with her positive lyrics and pleasant melodies won many hearts. The release dominated the musical charts and became one of the greatest hit singles this winter.
With 2012 now upon us AI is ready to kick-start her second phase as an artist with the album INDEPENDENT, which she selected as the keyword to define our world today. AI, an independent, responsible self-producer, has travelled between the three cities of LA-NYC-TKO during the seven months it took to record her ninth original album. She has worked closely with both Japanese and American sound creators and incorporated many new challenges, giving the album her very own style.
Featuring ten songs, the new album covers a wide range of emotions and activities. In “Letter In The Sky feat. The Jacksons,” AI sings with Michael Jackson’s brothers, The Jacksons, sharing her love and care for her beloved ones through her admiration for the King of Pop. In “Happiness,” AI illustrates the happiness brought on by smiles. In “Utsukushiki Mono,” the ending theme of the film “Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler,” which is based on a monster-hit comic series, AI depicts the emotions of the main character in a song that is almost like a spin-off story. Inspired by the notion of the “1 Chocolate for 1 Smile Campaign” of MORINAGA & CO. LTD., AI decided to donate a part of her download sales for “One Love” to help children in cacao producing countries. And the title tune, “INDEPENDENT WOMAN” symbolizes this strong, stylish artist, making the hearts of the listeners dance while energizing and encouraging. This new album by AI crosses many borders and is coming soon!
“Thanks to all your love and support, I have come this far in ten years, but I’m ready for more. My dream is to win a Grammy.”
The ambition of AI. This Japanese singer is about to take over, first Asia, and then the world. It’s a new phase for AI!
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