w-inds. Hong Kong performance a huge success as they hope to bridge some distance between Japan and China


In a daring venture, for the final stop of their “w-inds. LIVE TOUR 2012 MOVE LIKE THIS,” what was a nation-wide tour in support of their album, MOVE LIKE THIS (released in July), the group overcame numerous hurdles to perform at Hong Kong’s Kitec-Star Hall on October 20, successfully drawing out 4000 fans.

When w-inds. first debuted in 2001, much of their early popularity was gained in other Asian countries. The group has been a leader in normalization of Sino-Japanese relations, amassing solid achievements that few artists have, including having performed in front of Chinese president, Hu Jintao.

w-inds. is extremely popular in Hong Kong. They were the only Japanese artists to perform at the Hong Kong Retrocession 10th Anniversary Concert in 2007. On February 16, 2012, they received Hong Kong’s most influential music sales prize, the Hong Kong IFPI Best Sales 2011 Prize in the Japan and Korea category, becoming the first Japanese artist to ever win the award for nine consecutive albums, and continuing to improve on their own record for most wins by a Japanese artist.

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